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The making of temporary sand mandalas is an expression of devotion unique to Tibetan Buddhism. "The mandala connects to the older works of art and reminds us that this is very much a living practice," says Frist Center curator Katie Delmez. Beginning on Friday, February 10, visitors can watch the monks work for five consecutive days. The mandala will remain on view for the duration of the exhibition. On Sunday, May 7, the monks will return for the Frist Center's Free Family Festival Day, ritually destroying the mandala in a closing ceremony that symbolizes impermanence. Public Programs Friday, February 10 Curator's Perspective: "Unlocking the Secrets of Buddhist Art: Tibet, Japan, and Korea" presented by Katherine Anne Paul, PhD, curator, Arts of Asia, Newark Museum noon Frist Center Auditorium Free; first come, first seated Join curator Katherine Anne Paul for an illustrated lecture that will introduce the stunning aesthetics of Buddhist art. Paul will also translate important visual vocabularies employed to communicate Buddhism. The talk will culminate in a virtual walk-through of a mandala (circular representations of the universe). After the lecture, join us for the opening ceremony of a Tibetan Buddhist mandala sand painting that Tibetan monks will create in the education gallery. Exhibition Credit This exhibition was organized by the Newark Museum.

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