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REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl/File Photo By Babak Dehghanpisheh | BEIRUT BEIRUT Iran has played a pivotal role in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's campaign to crush rebel resistance in Aleppo and is now close to establishing a "Shi'ite crescent" of regional influence stretching from the Afghan border to the Mediterranean Sea. Revolutionary Guards commanders and senior clerics in Tehran have this week praised Iran's defeat of "Wahhabi terrorists" in Syria and the country they characterize as the rebels' patron, Sunni Muslim regional rival Saudi Arabia. There is little doubt the capture of Aleppo after years of fighting, and at the cost of thousands of lives, will make Assad unassailable to the rebels who have sought to end his rule. It is unlikely such a victory would have been possible without Iran's steadfast supply of Shi'ite fighters, money and weapons. The central role the Shi'ite majority nation has played - and the power it wields - was starkly illustrated on Wednesday when the evacuation of rebel-held districts was delayed after Tehran was said by opposition officials to have imposed new conditions. Iran demanded a simultaneous evacuation of wounded from two towns besieged by insurgents, according to rebel and U.N. sources. The civil war has pitted Assad, supported by Russia and Iran, against rebel groups backed by the United States, Gulf Arab powers and Turkey. Iran's involvement over more than five years - first by providing military advisers and then by training and arming Shi'ite militia - has not only helped shape the Syrian conflict, it has strengthened its own hand across the region.

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I stayed in a home listed for $40 per night on Airbnb cheapest flights to Paris from edinburgh which I could have snagged for about $25 on My Casa Particular, though the differences will not always be that stark. If you want to keep your plans loose, though, there were room available signs everywhere.People I spoke to said they had met plenty of professional hosts whose businesses ran entirely on drop-in customers. Take more cash than you think youll need, because you cant get more.Your American credit cards are almost useless in Cuba. Your debit cards really are useless. I never visited a single place that accepted a credit card in Havana. While the U.S. has reportedly lightened these restrictions , dont count on plastic. While there are ATMs in Cuba, they dont work for American banks. If you have a European debit card, take it. Youll also see Western Union branches, but they can only receive money for Cuban people (a spokesperson for the company has confirmed).

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