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The two were on trial for the death of James Boyd, a homeless man who was shot and killed in March 2014. Video of the shooting from one of the officers' body cameras ignited outrage in the community. The case is one of a handful of fatal police shootings in recent years to capture national attention, sparking protests coast to coast amid a growing debate about law enforcement's use of deadly force. Perez and Sandy faced charges of second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and aggravated battery. If convicted on the most serious charge they could have gotten 15 years behind bars. On Tuesday, Judge Alisa Hadfield said the jury was split, with three jurors deciding the officers were guilty and nine believing they were not guilty. "Based on this information, the court finds that there's no reasonable probability that the jury can agree and I'm going to conclude this proceeding by declaring a mistrial," Hadfield said in court. Special prosecutor Randi McGinn said it was his job "to seek justice มติชน 1/9/59 for the dead, in the hopes that it will make the living safer in the future. That's what we did." "My job was to tell the truth and expose the truth... And then it was up to the jury to decide whether there was a criminal act or not," he added. "Nobody, even police officers, should be above the law.

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Ryan's spokeswoman AshLee Strong said the speaker is "fighting to ensure we hold a strong majority next Congress, and he is always working to earn the respect and support of his colleagues." After backing Ryan in 2015, Bridenstine noted in a statement that his support came with conditions. "I will work constructively with the new Speaker to advance sound legislation addressing the nation's urgent needs, and I will also hold him accountable to lead House in responsibly performing its representational duties and advancing our national interests," he said at the time. The simmering tension is significant because there will be another vote next month for speaker. Assuming the GOP keeps control of the House, the Republican Conference will select its choice for speaker in mid-November in a closed-door secret ballot election. The election requires a majority support to be nominated for speaker. But the more politically treacherous vote is in January when the full House will choose its speaker. Since Democrats will vote for their own candidate, Ryan wouldn't be able to lose more than a handful of votes if the chamber is narrowly divided, as is expected. That means he would have to limit GOP defections in order to win the 218 votes needed to become speaker. Ryan was already facing some pressure from some of his members on the right of the conference, many of whom have been critical he hasn't pushed hard enough for their legislative priorities. Some House conservatives have called on GOP leaders to move the date for leadership elections later, saying they don't want to vote for re-electing Ryan until they evaluate how he handles year-end spending negotiations. Asked about that request last month, Ryan said he expected the conference to vote at the same time it traditionally does after every election.

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