Mr Trump Has Indicated That His Children Will Run His Businesses While He's President - Possibly With The Additional Screen Of Their Ownership Being Placed Into A Blind Trust That Will Prevent Him From Directly Benefiting While He Holds Office.

Now his plans to hold one on Thursday to tackle a thorny subject; how he will square his new office with his old career have been postponed. Mr Trump's spokesman said the announcement will now be in January. "With so many iconic properties and successful entities, moving the announcement to January ensures the legal team has ample time to ensure the proper protocols are put in place so his sole focus will remain on the country and achieving his ambitious agenda with the help of the world-class cabinet he has built," Trump's transition team spokesman Sean Spicer said via email. Mr Trump has indicated that his children will run his businesses while he's president - possibly with the additional screen of their ownership being placed into a "blind" trust that will prevent him from directly benefiting while he holds office. While Trump is likely to portray this as removing him from any potential conflicts of interest, it is some way removed from what has been considered the gold standard for presidents for the last 40 years. Image copyright AP Image caption Donald Trump has announced he will be leaving his business "in total" Some presidents have chosen to sell everything, put the money into a blind trust, and then have it invested without their knowing how the cash has been put to work. It is a system that removes any notion that the president can act improperly. Norman Eisen, a legal adviser to the Obama administration on ethics now with the Brookings Institute think tank, says Trump's plan falls short of what is required. "I don't accept that it's sufficient for Mr Trump to step away simply from his, as he put in a tweet the other day the operations of his businesses.

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The pilot's union initially called a walkout for 24 hours for Wednesday, but after two courts rejected attempts by Lufthansa to halt the strike, the union extended the strike for a further 24 hours until Friday. A passenger walks past a flight information board showing cancelled flights during a pilots strike of German airline Lufthansa at Frankfurt airport, Germany, November 23, 2016. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski REUTERS The strike is the 14th to hit the airline in its row with the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) union. The airline said it had canceled 876 of roughly 3,000 flights scheduled for Wednesday, affecting about 100,000 passengers. Lufthansa, which expects the strike will cost $7.4-9.6 million a day, will give details of Thursday's cancellations later on Wednesday. It added that the call to extend the walkout was "completely incomprehensible." The strike started at midnight and affects flights departing from German airports, including 51 long-haul flights. Flights by Lufthansa's other airlines, including Germanwings, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, SWISS and Brussels Airlines, will not be affected, Lufthansa said. Lufthansa has called on the pilots to enter mediation, which has been rejected by their union because it is first seeking a better offer from management as a basis for talks. The union wants an average increase of 3.7 percent in pay for 5,400 pilots in Germany over a five-year period from 2012. However, Lufthansa, which is trying to cut costs to fend off increased competition from low-cost carriers and leaner Gulf rivals, has offered a 2.5 percent increase over the six years until 2019.

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