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How Much Do Shoes Cost (for Men vs Women)?

First, let’s look at prices in general for these brands. Nike has the largest median price, followed by ASICS and Adidas . While many Nikes are moderately priced, there are lots of different offerings for niche markets that are willing to pay more. Most notable are the basketball shoe collections, which feature endorsements from stars like LeBron and Kyrie, as well the more specialized athletic shoes such as running shoes and sports cleats. ASICS and Adidas probably also have a higher median price because of their more specialized shoe collections and innovative manufacturing technologies. Conversely, Vans and Converse offer much more basic shoes that primarily vary in color rather than on styles, construction, or athletic benefit. While both brands have more high-end offerings, the bulk of their listings are at a lower cost, which is actually part of their appeal. You can get practical sneakers in any color you could imagine for an affordable price.  Now, how do these brands differ between genders? Are there more listings for men or women? Will we see the same trend that we did earlier, where women’s shoes make รองเท้าส้นสูง 3 นิ้ว สีดํา up the majority of listings?

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